About the Yeshiva

Illuminating Yaffo was established in 2008 by Rav Eliyahu Mali.

The first monumental action was to institute a “Hesder” Yeshiva called “ Shirat Moshe”.

A very unique learning system following in the footsteps of Rav Kook. Rav Kook established the first Yeshiva in Yaffo in 1909.

In the spirit of Rav Kook’s aspiration and desire to continue his spiritual enterprise, Rav Mali established a Yeshiva focusing on educating students to combine Torah with a deep knowledge of worldly understanding and to be a spiritual center for connecting different world views.

The Yeshiva offers a variety of classes from the study of Shas and Poskim in proficiency to philosophical and cultural classes.

The yeshiva is attended by young men of various ages, from students post high school to students who have completed significant military service in the IDF.

All centers around the love of Torah study and shared spiritual aspirations.

The yeshiva has become a magnet for students seeking to find a place to learn Torah on the highest level, and has also attracted young families who have crystallized into a quality community that has been integrated into the special landscape of Yaffo.

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Rav Eliyahu Mali

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