Arzei Halevanon mechina


This year, the Arzai Halevanon Preparatory School (AR) opened a high-quality and important preparatory program in Yaffo under the umbrella of Illuminating Yaffo.

A unique track called "Chibat Zion":

This track, which has been approved and maintained by all systems and administrations, is an innovative and unique process.

In this track in the first year of the mechina, the students study Torah, strongly develop their faith of the mind and personality, in preparation for the army, for life, and in-depth acquaintance with the communities in the Diaspora and the Jewish way of life abroad.

Then in the second year the students take off for a year abroad where they volunteer in the communities, and strengthen the connection between the people of Israel and the Diaspora.

After a year of service abroad, the students return to Israel and enlist in elite units in the IDF.

The Arzei HaLevanon track has an illustrious and successful past and the majority of their graduates become successful contributors to israeli society.

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