The Yaffo Mechina

The program aspires to instill its students with a Jewish and national identity, and become better, more caring human beings. The program directs the students along a path in which they improve their character traits, and learn to take personal, collective and national responsibility, all through an underlying connection to the Torah and holiness.

During the year, the students will learn about Zionism and the historical process that led to the establishment of the State of Israel

They will be introduced to and become acquainted with the different, diverse groups that compose Israeli society and the Israeli people, and learn about their moral and spiritual foundations.  

The students will undergo mental and physical preparation for high-quality military service, while we concurrently reinforce their life skills.

The program will accept students from diverse backgrounds – from high-quality adolescents from the periphery of the country to adolescents considered at risk, with the aim of integrating them into hesder yeshivot and significant military service in the IDF.

The educational process integrates trips and agricultural work. The formal study program is built at a gradual pace, to suit the students’ progress and personal growth throughout the course of the year.

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