The city of Yaffo incorporates a very diverse fabric of life that reflects the face of Israeli society as a whole. In the city, Jews, Arabs and Christians live together in noteworthy peace and harmony. The population also consists of religious and secular, rich and poor, a large population of immigrants (mainly members of the Ethiopian community) and veterans. The special fabric in the city, located in the center of the country and forming part of Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial city, creates special challenges and is a strategic center of influence for Gush Dan in particular and the State of Israel in general.

Our generation needs a proper, honest and courageous response and acknowledgement, for a people and a state without spirit and identity as a body without a soul. Illuminating Yaffo strives to elevate and empower the city of Yaffo and instill a new and fresh narrative, which evolves from the Jewish spring of life.

Many of the activities include strengthening Jewish identity and the voice of the Torah, empowering communities, acts of kindness and welfare, promoting at-risk youth and working with underprivileged populations.

At the heart of this movement is the Hesder Yeshiva “Shirat Moshe” which is a community engine that directly and indirectly provides the strength and means for the extensive work and to return the city of  Yaffo to its spiritual and physical glory.

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