Illuminating Yaffo Organization   

The organization is community based with its focus to improve the social, well being and spiritual health of the community. Illuminating Yaffo’s strategic programs address pertinent issues pertaining to: youth promotion, assistance for the elderly, social programming, and strengthening the Jewish identity in the city of Yaffo and its surroundings.
Illuminating Yaffo’s educational institutions and social projects significantly benefit the city.

Shirat Moshe Hesder Yeshiva

Shirat Moshe houses over 150 students from around the country. The students combine learning with army service in top combat units. Each student volunteers in an active role within one of the many social programs in Yaffo designed by the organization.

Midreshet Yaffo

Entering its ninth year, the Midrasha offers over 100 young women concentrated Torah learning, enriching their year of national service. The students volunteer time within the community and work very closely with at-risk programs within the Ethiopian community.

Pre-Military Academy Yaffo

This program combines learning and army preparation for the at-risk population. The target audience for this program are the disparate youth, the youth with a criminal past or with family and/or personal complexities. Heading this program is Rabbi Moshe Costa – a veteran educator and leader in working with this population. Today, after 7 months of activity, we are already seeing significant positive changes among the 50 students of the Mechina.

Student Villages

Illuminating Yaffo has created two student villages proudly partnering with the Bnei Akiva Alumni Association. 35 students who live in Yaffo, study at academic institutions in the Tel-Aviv area and spend tens of hours each week volunteering to reinforce and support the residents of Yaffo. The students act as leaders to the broad volunteer project of all institutional students in the city.

Volunteering is done together and in close collaboration with the Mishlama Yaffo, the municipal office in Yaffo. The areas of volunteering are diverse and tailored to the needs of the community; personal tutoring of children in difficult situations, assistance to families in distress.
The Village also operates a community pantry for low-income families and facilitates summer camps and activities for the youth.

Bayit Yehudi-The Jewish Home

In the northern part of the city of Jaffa lives a community of artists who are looking for a spiritual home and a community enclosure. We created “The Jewish Home”; a warm home that hosts artists, creating a warm community around the Jewish family and synagogue. The inviting family hosts dozens of artists and guests at cultural and artistic events each week and have created joint programming with members of the Ethiopian community.

Center for Female Empowerment

Over the years we have identified a great need for the women within the community; a Center for Female Empowerment. In the year 2020 we inaugurated the Center for Female Empowerment in Yaffo. The center is in a development expansion and in the meantime is operating the following programs:

Women's Center

The center offers workshops and classes for classes in the community; secular and religious together. Bridal classes and couples marriage counseling are also included in the schedule for classes.
The center offers year round themed workshops focused on the Jewish holidays and the Jewish calendar.
A brand new Mikvah was opened in the past year and has seen renewed activity after years of being dormant.

My Sister

This program is geared towards young women ages 17-20 from the Ethiopian community. It's a successful mentor program which includes personal empowerment, training for vocational studies and delivering them tools to be able to maneuver through difficult situations and challenging moments.
This program has been running for a number of years and it has been validated by seeing the graduates equipped with the tools needed to navigate through life.

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