"Inviting Family"

Yaffo is a heart. It attracts attention and excites those who have been coming here for three thousand years. It has every reason to be the cultural center of Gush Dan. It is mixed: bi-national, trilateral and hosts countless shades of people and tourists from all over the world. Sectors from all political and social extremes live together and enjoy the situation. You can find in Yaffo poets and realtors, musicians and hitchhikers, fishermen and academics, the elderly and students. Yaffo is a heart and whoever listens carefully, they can feel how out of this diverse cultural complex arises reading, a search for meaning for spirituality and creation.

Eight years ago, we established the project – "Inviting Family", a Jewish home that is wide open and seeks to create a Jewish experience and deepening of a spiritual event. An open, inclusive and non-judgmental place, where an in-depth meeting is held through study, creation and Shabbat and holiday meals, throughout the year and with monthly music event.

for contact and more information: Dov Katz-0584001439

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